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The Benefits of Team Building Events in the Corporate World

Much like a marriage, nurturing a team, taking them out on regular fun and exciting “dates” is crucial in enhancing communication and connecting with one another. Often businesses are so focused on hitting their quarterly numbers that they forget about their most valuable asset, their employees. Well, it turns out businesses can dramatically get positive…

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The 12 Basics of Planning a House Party

I recently attended two house parties hosted by bachelors and I noticed how panicked they were as their guests arrived and how they were unable to fully relax and enjoy their own party. Why was that? Well, they were unprepared and not organized prior to the start of their house party. With a little thought…

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Presenting Skål Celebrations

Today, July 21st 2019 is one of the most exciting days of my life. I’m launching Skål Celebrations, the personal enterprise I’ve been dreaming about building now for many years. With its revamped website created by Ladner Studios, I’m able to showcase the variety of Events I’m capable of producing successfully. You’ll notice how my past experience…

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